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How to create a Capsule Wardrobe for a Sister Missionary

When you send out a sister missionary you have the added challenge of trying to give her lots of outfit options without much luggage space. 

Choosing a capsule wardrobe for your sister missionary is the perfect solution to this problem! 

What is a capsule wardrobe? 

A capsule wardrobe is a thoughtful collection of clothing that can be easily combined and interchanged to crate many different wardrobe options. 

You can find all sorts of recommended capsule wardrobe combinations, but we are going to focus on the perfect clothing options for a Sister Missionary. 

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post contains affiliate links. This means, if I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

What clothing is good for Sister Missionaries? 

You can read the general guidelines for Sister Missionary Clothing on the church website

You’ll want clothing that can be layered. This will make it easier to cool down or warm up. 

Another challenge for sister missionaries is finding clothing that will be comfortable and easy to wear for walking or riding bikes. If you know your sister will be riding bikes, its probably best to stay away from wide legged pants and super flowy skirts. 

If you choose some signature pieces that are colorful, the neutral pieces you have can be combined to create many different outfit combinations. 

What clothing items are in a capsule wardrobe for Sister Missionaries

Here is a list of possible items to put in a sister missionary’s capsule wardrobe:

2 Neutral dress shirts/blouses

2 Colored dress shirts/blouses

2 neutral undershirts 

2 turtleneck sweaters

2 basic sweaters

2 cardigans

2 blazers

2 pair of trousers

2 midi skirts

2 maxi skirts

2 lightweight dresses

2 warmer dresses

Lined tights

2 neutral dress shirts/blouses (white, black)

This short-sleeved blouse with ruffle sleeves is breathable and lightweight, and comes in a lot of different color choices! I would recommend purchasing one in black and one in white. 

This dressy short sleeved shirt has lovely ruffle sleeves and big swiss dots. 

This Amazon Essential shirt is very versatile. It can be unbuttoned and worn over a dress as well as worn as a normal shirt. It can also be tucked in or untucked and you can’t beat the price! 

2 colored dress shirts/blouses (2 colors)

I love this flowy, dressy blouse. It has dolman-style sleeves and a v-neck. It’s lightweight and is perfect for the summer. There are lots of gorgeous colors to choose from. 

I love this denim puff sleeve top! It would go well with so many different skirts. 

This satin short sleeved shirt comes in 9 beautiful colors and would be an excellent part of a Sister Missionary Capsule Wardrobe. 

2 shirts to wear under sweaters/dresses

2 neutral under shirts to wear with cardigan (plain shirt, short sleeve and long sleeve)

Downeast undershirts are my go to for wearing under sweaters. They are high quality and stretchy. 

This long-sleeved shirt is made of breathable and stretchy ribbed fabric.

Another frugal option are this 2 pack of Amazon Essential crewnecks


 2 turtleneck sweaters (white and beige)

This thick and cozy turtleneck is a chunky knit with a gorgeous pattern and is a perfect addition to any outfit!

This comfortable turtleneck is the perfect combination of relaxed and stylish, with its oversized collar and cable-knit pattern.

This slim fit Amazon Turtleneck sweater comes in tons of colors and would be an excellent addition to a missionary capsule wardrobe.

2 basic sweaters (neutral and black)

This trendy sweater comes in many colors, goes with just about anything, and has beautiful puffed sleeves.

I love this elegant, slouchy sweater. It has a loose knit and is more of a slim fit. 

A lightweight v-neck sweater would go well with a button down shirt and skirt!

Cropped cardigan (one beige one black)

A cropped cardigan can go over a dress or with a shirt and skirt, so it is very versatile. Here are some great options available on Amazon. 

This cropped cardi is made with the softest yarn and comes in so many different colors! 

This cropped long sleeved sweater doesn’t have buttons, but would be a great look over a dress!

I love this short-sleeved patterned cardigan. It comes in so many color options as well. 

Timeless blazer (one cream one black)

Not every sister missionary will feel comfortable wearing a blazer, and they definitely aren’t a required part of the wardrobe. However, there are some gorgeous and fashionable blazers available that your sister might like! 

This stunning, chic blazer is soft and comfortable. And the best part? Actual. Pockets.

This slim fit blazer is fully lined and made of breathable fabric, so it’s perfect year around.

I’m dying over this open front blazer! It has such a beautiful and fashionable cut and comes in some great neutral colors. 

Trousers (one cream one black)

Pull on dress pants are comfortable and look so sleek! Lots of colors to choose from. 

This pair of slim fit dressy golf pants were recommended by other missionary moms. They are stretchy and elegant. 

Lee Flex Motion Slacks are a top seller on Amazon. They are button top and come in some great neutral colors. 

Wide leg pants dressy (one neutral one black)

High Waist Palazzo pants are gorgeous and are flowy enough that they look like a skirt. 

A pair of wide leg linen pants could be a great part of a missionary capsule wardrobe. It has a cute paper bag waist. 

This pair of linen palazzo pants looks SO comfortable and stylish too!

Midi skirt (one black, one neutral)

This pleated elastic waist midi skirt is so cute and flowy! It goes with almost any top.
An elegant tulle layered Fairy skirt would make a fancy (but comfortable) addition to a capsule wardrobe. 

A pencil skirt in a neutral color will make your sister missionary’s wardrobe stretch so far! This one is elastic waist (comfy) and look super sleek. 

2 Maxi skirts (one black one neutral)

Check out this adorable asymmetrical boho skirt!! Comes in lots of colors, elastic waist and looks GREAT!

There are quite a few beautiful print options for this flowy maxi skirt! The fabric itself isn’t thick, but it would be a fun statement piece and great for warmer climates. 

Another flowy maxi skirt option, check out all the floral prints (and neutrals) that would be so cute on a sister missionary!

2 Lightweight dresses

I love this lightweight and flowing summer dress. It’s stylish and comfortable with a slight butterfly sleeve and a tiered skirt.

You can’t beat the price of this Amazon brand maxi dress. Lots of colors and a lightweight rayon blend fabric. 

A loose short-sleeved swing dress is a great option for Sister Missionaries! Tons of colors and patterns to choose from. 

2 Warmer dresses (as needed for mission’s climate!)

This lantern sleeved sweater dress is warm and cozy for winter days. It has soft ribbed fabric, a subtle v-neck and ties at the waist.

Midi Sweater Dress: This dress runs small so size up for a cozy and sleek look!

Pair this Shorter Sweater Dress with thick tights and you have a very cute and warm outfit for sister missionaries! 

Lined tights

These opaque fleece-lined thermal tights are warm, comfortable, and fashionable. It has a comfortable elastic waist band and is made of anti-pilling fabric. It has many color options. The tights pair nicely with skirts, dresses, and basically any shoe.

There are so many fun color options for these fleece lined tights PLUS they come in footed or footless.

Fleece lined fake translucent tights: If your sister missionary wants the appearance of tights, this option is for them! 

Long dress coat

Long wool-blend Coat: This elegant, contemporary coat has a stylish collar and comes in many colors. 

Hooded Cape: This is another cute option (although maybe not the best for super cold climates). 

Single breasted trench coat: This classic would be a great part of a missionary wardrobe!

Key Takeaways

While you don’t HAVE to do a capsule wardrobe, it can be a great way to maximize the small amount of suitcase space that your sister missionary will have! By choosing clothing items with colors that can match and interchange, your sister missionary will have HUNDREDS of outfit options during her 18 months of service.

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