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The Best Amazon Black Friday Deals for Missionaries

Outfitting a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can be so expensive! MissionarySquare is relatively new…but on my other website, I have been closely monitoring Prime Day and Black Friday for the past five years.

There are some things that go on sale regularly for these Amazon sales, and luckily for you a lot are on our missionaries’ packing lists!

Here are the best Black Friday Deals you can grab for your Missionary.

Amazon’s Black Friday Sale is on November 24-25, 2022. You can either choose “Black Friday Deals” OR type in the search bar and then click “Black Friday Deals” on the left to narrow down the search results to those items that are on sale.

Remember, that some of the Black Friday deals (usually labeled “Lightning Deals”) will go into your cart with a “timer” so you will need to purchase within 15 minutes or so. Read on to snag some deals that will save you some cash as you get your missionary ready.

Pro Tip: Always look to see if there is a “coupon” you can clip for the item. Sometimes you are able to stack the coupon with a Prime Day deal and save even more!

You can also watch this 7 minute YouTube video I made that goes over 7 hacks to make sure you are getting the best Amazon Product for the best price!

Keep scrolling for the best missionary deals!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post contains affiliate links. This means, if I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

Amazon Black Friday deals on Luggage and Packing Essentials for Missionaries

Suitcases are a big missionary expense and lucky for us there are LOTS of Amazon Black Friday options! Kenneth Cole hard large size luggage is on sale.

This brand of three piece hard shell luggage is also an amazing deal and has great reviews (plus fun colors!).

If you are looking for soft luggage that can go under beds, this 3-piece set soft sided luggage set comes in lots of colors and looks like a great option.

Packing Cubes are a great way to keep your missionary organized by compartmentalizing their clothes and other products. Sometimes (especially in foreign missions) they won’t have a dresser and will basically live out of their suitcase. This is an eight piece set and it is the cheapest I’ve seen it on Amazon for Black Friday!

Travel Shoe Bags are important for missionaries because they keep those well used (DIRTY)shoes away from clothes during transfers. This travel shoe bag set is waterproof and zips up. Reviews are great!

Vacuum Storage Bags: These will be perfect for sizing down fluffy items like a pillow or blanket AND protecting clothing if your missionary is going somewhere with lots of rain. This 18 piece set comes with 12 that vacuum seal with the provided pump and 6 that hand roll the air out of them.

Passport Holder Pouch RFID blocking with lots of pockets and can go around the neck or attach to a belt!

Pink Travel Document Organizer This is Amazon Black Friday deal is in pink or gray only but looks like a great option for keeping travel docs organized!

Canvas Crossbody Bag: This looks like the perfect size and comes in 3 colors. Could work for a sister or Elder (but is not waterproof!).

Waterproof Crossbody Bag: This is a great size, has many pockets and is waterproof. This is the one we purchased for my missionary and so far he loves it!

Travel Jewelry Holder: This is compact and cute! Great for holding Sister Missionary Jewelry.

Pants Hanger: This is what we bought for my Elder. It makes it easy to hang pants!

Tie and Belt Hanger: Another flat and easy to pack hanger that will help keep your Elder organized. This is what my missionary uses!

Travel Pillow: For long flights and bus rides, this comes in tons of different colors and is made of memory foam.

TRTL Travel Pillow: We chose this travel pillow for my missionary because it is so compact and the outside is washable. It is comfortable too! There is a 10% off coupon you can clip for this.

I can see this Waist clip fan being a life saver for Elders in hot and humid places! It hooks right to their belt and is on a great sale for Amazon Black Friday! (There is also a 5% off coupon when you purchase two)

Another missionary mom posted about this rechargeable neck fan (thank you!). There are tons of options with neck fans…but I chose this one because it has 20 hours of battery life and great reviews

Umbrella: This Travel Umbrella comes in many colors and is super tiny!

Another option is an umbrella with a built-in flashlight this is the one we bought for my missionary.

Bedding Essentials on Prime Early Access Day Deals for Missionaries

If you have a missionary going somewhere hot or humid, purchase cooling sheets like these that are on prime day deal! One missionary mom recommended purchasing full size sheets for missionaries serving foreign missions because beds aren’t always the same size. She sent four with her son and he was able to use extras on laundry day OR as curtains/room dividers (so smart!)

Another must for foreign missions are bed bug mattress protectors. This zips over the entire mattress adding an extra layer of protection from bed bugs. Be careful with the cheapest options…they are more like paper and will not last 18 months-2 years for our missionaries. You’ll also want a bedbug pillow protector.

Travel Sheets When your missionary has to go on overnight splits, they will love having this set of sheets to put on their temporary bed. It is a two person set but should be fine for missionaries!

Shoes on Prime Early Access Deal for Missionaries

I did a quick look through the most recommended brands for missionary shoes and found these shoes on Prime Day Deal. Prime day deals are sometimes only on certain sizes! Check your missionary’s size and then look for the blue “Prime Day Deal” rectangle directly under the price.

Rockport Waterproof Robinson Captoe Men’s Shoes

Rockport Waterproof Storm Surge Toe Boot If your missionary is serving somewhere more jungle-y this is a great option! These are the type we bought for my son and now they are 50% off!! Great savings (and he loves them).

Pillow Slides Some missionaries love having a soft pair of slides that they can wear in their apartment.

Shower Slides: These were recommended for my son’s mission (and the MTC!)

Women’s BOGS Chelsea Snowboots: If your daughter is going somewhere wet or snowy BOGS are a great brand and on Amazon Black Friday deal! Make sure you check the colors (some are not on sale!)

Another sturdier option for Sister Shoes are the BOGS tall snow/rain boots also on Prime Day deal.

Women’s Clarks Mary Janes: These are one of the top recommended shoes for Sister Missionaries, this strappy Mary Jane is so cute!

Shoe Shine Kit: Teach your missionary the importance of keeping their shoes clean, conditioned and polished before they leave on their mission! A little bit of “Saturday is a special day” care every week will keep their shoes looking and functioning the best. This is the kit we bought for my missionary!

Safety/Health Prime Day Deals for Missionaries

22 ounce LifeStraw Water Bottle with Filter: If your missionary is going somewhere with iffy water…a water bottle with a filter is a necessity. If you want a larger size there is 34 ounce LifeStraw bottle that is almost 50% off!

This compact first aid kit is another great Amazon Black Friday buy! Make sure to clip the 5% off coupon! There is also a medicine bag (bag only!) that your missionary can use to put all of their meds.

Laundry Products for Missionaries

Laundry Bag Backpack: This is GENIUS especially if your missionary has to haul their laundry to a laundromat. There are several colors but only the black one is on Prime Day sale. We purchased this one for my missionary and it is great! A big size plus lined inside for wet items. You can send this with a heavy duty 3M hook and your missionary can hang it up and have a dedicated laundry space.

Laundry Detergent Sheets: These are amazing for foreign missionaries! They are like a dryer sheet but have laundry soap in them. They are light, easy to pack, and will get your missionary started on laundry without a trip to the store.

Clothing Steamer: This is a game changer for ironing! Steaming clothes doesn’t require an ironing board and is so much faster!

Bath/Hygiene Products for Missionaries

Microfiber towels are the best option for missionaries serving in hot and humid climates. They are more compact than normal towels, and dry faster (a necessity in many missions without clothes dryers!). This set of two towels are sized larger (30×60″). I would choose a darker color so you don’t see stains and dirt as easily!

Quick Drying Microfiber Bath Towel Set: This set has 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels and 2 washcloths.

Manicure Set: Having good toe and fingernail hygiene is important for missionary health, especially when they are walking a ton! We got this set for my Elder and it is sturdy and high quality. This set has everything your missionary will need and is compact and inexpensive with the Amazon Black Friday deal.

Portable Clothesline This is the one we bought for my Elder! They have no dryers in Brazil (and many other places!) so this should help!

Mesh Shower Caddy: This is especially good for the MTC when your missionary needs to take hygiene items back and forth.

Missionary Tech Deals for Amazon Prime Day

Samsung S21 Unlocked Phone: My caveat…my missionary is provided a phone in Brazil so I have no idea If this is a phone the will work for your missionary! I know that typically people are recommending Samsung A51 or A32 so please check to make sure before purchasing this! 🙂

If your missionary will have a Samsung Phone, This Samsung 256 mb Flash Drive can plug right into their phones to get pictures off and then put into a computer to upload to their Google Drive!

This is a great deal for a case plus screen protector for Samsung A53

Speaker with SD Card Slot and Aux Cord Option: Per another missionary mom recommendation, I purchased a speaker for my son and put songs on SD cards (Christmas, instrumental, EFY type songs). This will give them access to music!

This set of Micro SD cards are 64 mb and a great deal at a little over $5 each.

Headphones with Microphone and Noise Cancelling: These may not LOOK super cool, but I like that they aren’t gigantic (for packing sake) and include noise cancelling for those ever important weekly calls home! They are a great deal on this prime day!

Headphones with microphone: This is another great option that is on sale!

This Power adapter works for so many countries! It has great reviews and is compact.

If you have a Elder or Sister serving a European mission, this travel adapter is a steal. Or grab this 3 pack of power adaptors that has built in USB charging!

Clothes for Elders on Prime Day

Amazon Classic Fit Golf Pants Some Colors are on sale for Amazon Black Friday. These come highly recommended for Elders. They are soft, stretchy, wicking and dry fast. Make sure to order darker colors (doesn’t show sweat or stains as easily!). Some colors/sizes are not on Black Friday sale so be sure to look for that special Black Friday pricing once you make your selection!

Puma Golf Pants Also on sale for Black Friday, you can choose between gray, black, blue, brown and they even have a white option for baptisms (not sure if they are see through or not? You can return them if they are!).

Kenneth Cole Slim Fit Dress Shirt. This is a great looking dress shirt! Make sure and check the price of each color.

Amazon Basics Mens Crewneck Sweater: Tons of colors available but check the price on the color you choose (lots of variation on prices!)

This Kallspin Cable Knit Sweater is so great in person soft and gorgeous…we bought it for my missionary in black and gray!

Mens Ratchet Belt Two Pack: These are easy to adjust when your Elder gains or loses weight.

Merino Wool Socks This four pack of wool socks are the ones we purchased for my Elder. Wool naturally wicks sweat away so these socks should be great for any climate! There are several color options.

Under Armour Tech Crew Socks this is a great deal for a six pack of socks ($3 a pair) plus they are breathable and have medium cushion.

Classic Silk Ties 6 pack These end up being about $3 per tie!

Christmas Tie: This is cute and would be a fun Christmas gift!

Women’s Clothing

Smocked Flutter Sleeve Midi Dress: Another cute option for sister missionaries!

Puff Sleeve Dress: I love this dress! Lots of colors to choose from. Don’t forget to clip the 5% off coupon.

Chiffon Swiss Dot Skirt with Pocket

Boho Ruffle Skirt with Pockets Only certain colors are on sale, but all of them are so cute!

Fleece Lined Tights: If your sister is serving where there is snow, these will help so much with keeping your daughter warm!

Amazon Essentials Trench Coat: Lots of pretty colors for this dress coat!

Gifts for Missionaries you can buy on Prime Day

Be sure to check out my 61 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Missionaries for more ideas! Here are some that are on Black Friday Sale.

Frisbee Discs: These are lightweight and easy to pack! They will give your missionary something fun to do.

Color Changing Stress Ball: These come in a three pack so your Elder or Sister can share!

Pop It Stress Fidget Ball This is very inexpensive and would be fun for your Elder or Sister to have.

Nativity Puzzle: This is tiny (7.9″ x 5.9″) and can be set up as a nativity scene! I think this would make a lovely gift that will pack well.

Nativity Puzzle: This could be a great holiday activity for your missionary and his/her companion!

Jesus Diamond Art Kit: This will create a 12″ x 15″ piece of art and give your missionary a fun activity!

Cross stitch Kit: These might be a fun and new hobby for your missionary to try (and comes with everything you need!)

160 page lined journal: Tons of colors available!

Gel Pens 20 Pack perfect for journaling!

Play Nine Golf Card Game: Our family loves playing the golf card game!

Travel Board Game Set This set has Checkers, Chess, Tic-Tac-Toe & Reversi Board

Mountain Tie Clip

Music Tie Clip

Lightning Tie Clip

Bear Tie Clip

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