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How to help a tired missionary

Missionary work is a roller coaster of emotions. Some weeks the P-day call from your missionary will be full of excitement and energy. Other weeks will show that your Elder or Sister has run into a rough patch. A common problem amongst missionaries is feeling just plain worn out!

It’s hard to be far from your child who is having a hard time, but as missionary parents there are suggestions we can offer as well as things we can do to help out our missionary who is feeling exhausted. Here are some tips on how to help a tired missionary.

1. Remind them of the “Basics”

In the excitement of living independently and in the vigor of 24/7 missionary work, our missionaries might be forgetting to do basic self-care. If your missionary is exhausted ask how they are sleeping, ask how much water they are drinking, ask if they are eating both nutritious food and ENOUGH food for the amount of energy they are expending. Everyone needs a reminder now and then to reassess how they are fueling their body.

If they are having problems with any of these things, see what you can do to help. Perhaps you can send some recipes, or a food order from Walmart. Maybe you could include a new water bottle or earplugs in their next package from home!

If they are feeling ill, physically or mentally, remind them they need to advocate for themselves and speak to the mission medical assistant and/or a doctor to get the help they need. Remind them that taking a day or two off to recover from an illness is a better use of time than running yourself ragged until you need to go to the hospital.

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2. Encourage them to exercise

Even though many missionaries are out walking or riding bikes, there is a reason why daily exercise is built into the missionary schedule! Encourage them to do strengthening exercises, stretching exercise and even meditation!

My friend has an incredible subscription workout program she has created just for missionaries. Each week, she sends a new workout plan that missionaries can do in their own apartment home without any special equipment. Check out her plan here at Called To Sweat.

3. Remind them they can receive a Priesthood Blessing

Sometimes missionaries forget about accessing Priesthood blessings for themselves! Please remind your missionary that they can and SHOULD ask for blessings from their District Leader or Zone Leader.

4. Put their name on Temple Prayer Rolls :

It is so simple to sign into your church account and add your missionaries name to the Temple Prayer Roll. If you notice your missionary is feeling down and tired, a few quick clicks will have them on the roll and being specifically prayed for.

5. Fast and Pray for your Missionary:

Whether it is a family fast or an individual fast, access the strength and power that can come from taking your problem to the Lord through fasting.

Don’t be shy about asking your family, friends and ward family to participate.

6. Send a special “Pick me up” Package:

If you are able to, sending a special package to a missionary who is feeling tired or out of energy can be an extra special pick up.

You could include things to help them practice self care (as mentioned above) like a new water bottle, a sleep mask or earplugs, some vitamins, or a jumprope for exercise.

I also have an entire post FILLED with package ideas (easy to click and purchase on Amazon!). Check out those ideas here: 91 Clever Missionary Package Ideas and Themes

Key Takeaways

Even though it is very disheartening to see a tired missionary on a P-day call, it is important as parents to recognize that they are 1) working hard and 2) growing-up. As much as we’d like to be there to help bolster them up ourselves, the self-care and resiliency that they will learn as a missionary is incredibly valuable.

Be sure to take care of YOURSELF too, and not let the worry weigh you down too much. You’ve got this!

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