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91 Clever Missionary Package Ideas and Themes

If you want to send a fun package but don’t have the time or energy to think of a missionary package ideas, I’ve come up with 91 clever and unique package ideas for you!

Missionary Packages can be so much fun! It’s a way to connect with your Elder or Sister and put a little light in their day. I wrote a post called Everything you need to know about Missionary Care Packages that gets into the nitty gritty of package shipping options, you should check that out too!

I have another website where I write all about gift ideas The Gifty Girl, so package ideas are right up my alley. Unfortunately, my missionary is in Brazil so I can only send small packages very occasionally. Because of this, I’m directing all of my creativity your way. 😉 I’ve brainstormed and thought of a lot of different package ideas, and I’m including Amazon links so you can simply click and purchase.

I’ve divided the package ideas by Year Round, Church Themes, Fun Themes and Month-by-month package ideas using all of the crazy “national” holidays. I hope these ideas help you send some sunshine and love your missionary’s way and make it easier on you!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post contains affiliate links. This means, if I will get paid a small commission (at no cost to you!) if you purchase products through my links. I always try to recommend products I have personal experience with and LOVE. I also read reviews and ratings to make sure that I am offering up the best possible gift option for you. You can read more in my full disclosure.

Year Round Missionary Package Ideas

Year Round Missionary Package Ideas

Greenie Package: New missionaries are called “greenies.” You can send a package full of “green” products to welcome your new missionary to his or her area. You might include: Green Face Mask Stick, a Green Sleeping Mask, O’Keefe’s Working Hands Green Hand Cream (this stuff is the BEST!), Green Spearmint Mentos, Green Gummy Bears, Green Journals, Green Pens, Simple Green All Purpose Wipes, Green Pillow Cases, Bath and Body Works Green Eucalyptus and Mint Hand Soap.

Birthday Package: A package to honor your missionary’s birthday can help them celebrate their special day. One DIY idea I love is to take photos of people who love your missionary holding one letter that together spell out Happy Birthday Elder__ or Sister _____. You print the pictures and string them onto a personalized birthday banner! Some other ideas for this package are: A Colorful Happy Birthday Banner, Birthday Plates and Napkins, Confetti Cannons, Pin the Horn on the Unicorn Game, a mini piñata filled with candy, birthday cake and frosting, and some fun birthday candles! You could also send a gift from this post that has 100 of the Best Extras for Missionaries (ideas compiled from other missionary mom suggestions!).

Quarter Packages: If you divide an Elder’s two years into quarters you can send them a quarter way package every 6 months. For sisters, you would send a package every four and a half months. Here are some creative “quarter” package content ideas: a roll of quarters (easy to spend in U.S. fun to hand out in other countries), a package of quarter high socks for men, or quarter high socks for women, a quarter size sheet pan with a package of cookie mix, some quart sized ziplock bags filled with their favorite treats, a bag of chocolate coins, and a quarter zip sweater for men.

Half-way there: The halfway mark of a mission is something worth celebrating! There are some really fun themes out there including: Oh, you’re half-way there! (based on the song “Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi) or Half-time celebration (think sports game), Intermission or a HUMP day package. Here are some products to put in these fun packages.

Half-way There Livin’ on a Prayer package: One funny half-way package I’ve heard about involves sending HALF of everything they love. So you open a bag of chips and only send the bag half full, send half a chocolate bar etc. Some other ideas for this package: Halfway there Lemon on a pear t-shirt: This one is a funny tongue-in-cheek t-shirt. OR this Livin’ on a Prayer t-shirt that could be for Elders or Sisters. This Prayer Coloring Book for adults would be an enjoyable way to unwind (add some colored pencils!). You can’t forget a nod to the singer of Livin’ on a Prayer, Jon Bon Jovi with a package of Bon Bon candies.

It’s Half Time/Intermission: If your missionary loves sports or theater, you can celebrate their Half-way point with a package that is half-time or intermission themed. For a half-time theme, you could include a set of party decorations in the sport of your choice, cheerleading pom-poms, a referee t-shirt, referee whistles, a foam football (or other ball), some confetti poppers, some kazoos (you know, marching band!). For an intermission themed package you might include, inflatable microphones, adorable popcorn containers and some microwave popcorn,

Hump Day Half-way Package: “Hump day” is a funny phrase that means Wednesday or the middle day of the week. You can send a hump day package representing the half-way or “Wednesday” of the mission! You could add: Hump Day products to wear like a hump day t-shirt or hump day socks, there is camel earrings! A camel stuffed animal would be a cute addition to a hump-day package. If you want to send something more useful, you could do a Camelbak water bottle or a camel mug. Activity wise, a camel coloring book would be fun, or a camel puzzle.

Thinking of You: You don’t need a special occasion to send some love to your missionary. Here are some great “thinking of you” package content ideas. Remember, the challenge is to send things that 1) don’t take up a lot of space 2) Are useful or fun 3) Can be used up so they don’t have to cart it around. You could send some cozy socks, a nice smelling candle, some happy face shower steamers, some yummy snacks, family or friend pics with a cute clip frame to display. I would also send a Thinking of You card with a sweet message inside.

General Package Ideas

General Package Themes for Missionaries

Marvel/Superhero Theme: “You’re my Hero! Keep on being SUPER!” In this package you could include this sweet Spiderman/Nerf glove shooter (2 gloves, one for each missionary in a companionship!), this set of 6 superhero capes could be fun too! Some “useful” superhero package options might include: Superhero Onesie Pajamas, or a Superhero t-shirt. For Elders, there are superhero tie clips, and superhero socks. You could go with the ultimate hero, and add some What Would Jesus Do (WWJD) bracelets (some missionaries like to hand these out!), or this Love Like Jesus t-shirt (for P-day use). There are a lot of different candies/snacks you could add to a superhero missionary package including: Avengers Fruit Snacks, Superhero Suckers, and yummy superhero mints. As far as activities, you could add a Book of Mormon Heroes coloring book and some colored pencils, or this gorgeous Jesus walking on water jigsaw puzzle!

Disney Theme: “We’ve got ears, say cheers!” “You’re the best, Pal!” Everyone loves Disney, and you can send them several different Disney-centered products in a package. Make it like a Disney party with some Disney colored/shaped balloons or a Mickey Mouse Garland (so cute!). Some useful Disney products you could add include a Mickey Mouse kid Toothbrush, or a Mickey Hairbrush, Minnie Hair Clips Minnie Face Masks Minnie face washing hair bow bands, Disney Princess Lip Gloss Set, Mickey Bracelet. For Disney Themed Package food ideas, you could go with Mickey Mouse Fruit Snacks, yummy Disneyland Main Street Caramel Popcorn, or Mickey Goldfish Crackers. For fun, you could add a Disney Trivia Card game or Disney UNO game.

Star Wars Theme: “The Force will be with you, always.” “Do or Do not, there is no try.” If your missionary loves Star Wars, you can put together an amazing care package for them. Some useful Star Wars items include: Star Wars Light Saber Pen Set, Star Wars Light Saber Chopsticks, or this fun Star Wars Pentagon Sticky Note Ball. Some for fun Star Wars items to include are: Star Wars Stress Ball Set of 3, Star Wars Paper Airplane Book, or a Star Wars Mini Lego Set. Wearable Star Wars Merch you could include in a package are Vintage Star Wars T-shirt, or Star Wars Dress Socks,

Orange you glad you’re a missionary?” A whole box full of ORANGE items that are just for fun. You could send them a pair of orange pillowcases (one for them and one for their companion), this orange ginger energy lotion from Bath and Body works is such a fresh smell. It also works for Elders or Sisters (it is my husband’s favorite lotion!). Have you ever used a shower steamer? You throw them in the bottom of your shower, and as it dissolves it makes the most amazing spa-like experience. It’s like a bath bomb for the shower. These orange shower steamers even have happy faces on them! For Elders you could send an orange striped necktie and for sisters you could send this gorgeous orange necklace. You could also send some coral-orange nail polish. There are a lot of fun orange candy options you could add to this package, like orange M&Ms, orange Tic Tacs, and orange gummy bears.

Box of Sunshine: “Sending you a box of sunshine to make your day brighter!” You’ve probably seen some version of this…basically everything in this package is yellow and meant to shine a little happiness in someone’s life. You could send two yellow water bottles (one for them, one for their companion) along with some yellow stickers to put on the bottles. Some lemon drop candies would be a fun addition to this box or you could choose these ultra adorable yellow sunshine suckers. My missionary uses a ton of post it notes, and these giant 11″x11″ yellow post-it notes would be fun to send! A yellow scented candle (this one is “Strength and Energy” in a pineapple coconut scent.) You could also add some lemonade mix packets and some Lays potato chips in their signature yellow package.

Out of the Blue Theme: “Sending you some love from out of the blue!” When you just want to send a package for fun “out of the blue” here are some fun flying/sky/blue products that would fit the bill. You can send a paper airplane kit (including paper, designs and even stickers to decorate them), or these awesome LED light up styrofoam planes (we have them and they are so fun!), Cotton Candy is cloud-esque and would be a fun addition to an Out of The Blue box, you could also send blue Hershey Kisses, blue frisbee rings, and for self-care a blue cooling eye mask, or Blue Emu Pain relieving spray. Last, this little book (more like an expanded talk) by Elder Uchtdorf called “The Forget-me-knot” would be a sweet addition to an Out of the Blue.

Dr. Seuss Theme: “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the guy who’ll decide where to go.” Dr. Suess is colorful and whimsical and Dr. Seuss makes a super theme for a missionary package. You could send Dr. Seuss Something Wild Card Game, it’s a kid game, but it would be fun! This set of Dr. Seuss socks is would be great for Elders who are allowed to have crazy socks. Missionaries always need a pen, so this set of Dr. Seuss pens would be great for a missionary package! These red swirl lollipops are very Dr. Seuss-y! These colorful Globble Sticky Balls are a blast…you can throw them at a wall and they stick and then slide down. A perfect (eventually disposable) toy for your missionary! Last, this Dr. Seuss coloring book along with a set of colored pencils would be excellent to add.

One in a Minion Theme: “We think you’re one in a minion! We are so proud of you!” If your missionary has a soft spot for those cute little minions from Despicable me, you could send them a minion themed package. Some products you could add include: Minion Goggle Sunglasses (hahaha!), Minion two pack of battery powered toothbrushes and toothpaste, Exploding Minions Card Games, Minion Fruit Snacks, this minions oven mitt would be funny if your missionary loves to cook!

Church Themes for Missionary Packages

Hinckley’s 9 “Be’s Themed Package: In President Hinckley’s fireside in 2000, he gave “6 Be’s” which are perfect for a missionary care package! You can see his talk here. 1) “Be Grateful” a Gratitude Journal (or a letter of things you are grateful for about your missionary!). 2)”Be Smart” a new church book, 3) “Be Clean” some cleaning supplies like Method all purpose cleaner and some microfiber cloths. 4) “Be True” A compass necklace for sisters, and a compass tie bar for Elders. 5) “Be Humble” a heart shaped “worry” rock (rock you put in your pocket to rub with your thumb, reminder to have a humble heart). 6) “Be Prayerful” Receiving Answers to our Prayers by Gene R. Cook book.

Conference Prep Package: Send a package to your missionary to help them get ready for conference! I talked a little bit about it in this post 8 Ways to Share General Conference with your Missionary. You could send ingredients and/or a treat that is a family General Conference staple. I also adore the General Conference workbooks from Good News Brand Co (formerly WrkWnder). There are workbooks with prompts to write notes during conference AND workbooks full of the talks from the previous conference! Use code “MissionarySquare” to get 10% off your purchase! I would also include some pens, pencils and highlighters.

Scripture Power: “Scripture Power is the power to win!” How about a missionary package filled with the reminders from everyone’s favorite primary song of old! Add some Scripture Highlighters (these are our favorites! So smooth and beautiful colors). Scripture sticky tabs would be great for missionaries! You could also add some scripture stickers (see through stickers that help highlight/illustrate scriptures) or a Scripture Power Activity Book. You could also add in some educational books for the scriptures like the New Testament Made Easier.

Stripling Warriors: You could have a lot of fun with a Stripling Warriors package for your Elder! You could include a play bow and arrow set, or Nerf swords, some resistance door straps to increase warrior muscles, a counting jumprope and a Stripling Warriors Tie Tack.

Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam: “Jesus wants me for a sunbeam to shine for Him each day! Way to shine Elder/Sister!” For this package you could go with an all yellow theme like in the “Box of Sunshine” above. Or you could add in more sun products like, funny sunglasses, some drink umbrellas, stick sunscreen, a Hello Sunshine Notepad, a sun nightlight, and sun hoop stud earrings.

Once there was a Snowman Theme “Once there was a snowman tall, tall tall!” Whether your missionary is IN the snow or missing it, you could do a super cute snowman themed box. I would include: fake snowballs for an indoor snowball fight, some Insta Snow Powder, and cotton candy snow balls.

Missionary Package Ideas for January

New Year’s Resolutions: A goal themed package would be awesome for missionaries to get in the mail. (Just make sure and send this one in late-November/early December.). You could include a tracking/inspirational water bottle, a stopwatch, a counting jumprope and even a subscription to Called To Sweat ( 6 thirty minute workouts emailed to your missionary every week). You could also go a different direction than exercise with gifts like a new journal, or a 30 minute healthy cookbook for two.

Three Kings Day January 6: This celebration happens to celebrate the coming of the Three Kings (or wisemen) to visit Jesus and makes an excellent missionary package! Kids put their shoes out with hay inside and the three kings leave small presents inside. While there are traditionally toys and candy put in the shoes, here are some more useful “Shoe” products for this three kings missionary package. You could include a shoe polishing kit, a shoe horn, shoe deodorizers, foot massage balls, shoe insoles for Elders, shoe insoles for Sisters, some comfortable wool socks, and some toenail polish for Sisters.

Popcorn Day January 19: Who doesn’t love popcorn?! This makes a delicious (and fairly light weight!) missionary package idea. You could include: a silicone popcorn popper (we have this one, it squishes down so small and works amazingly with JUST popcorn kernels inside and a microwave!), with a set of popcorn kernels and seasoning, or make it even more simple with a variety pack of Popcornopolis popcorns, or individual already popped kettle popcorn, caramel popcorn or cheese popcorn.

National Cheesy Socks Day January 21: For some missionaries, socks are one of the only ways they can express themselves. So why not celebrate this funny holiday with a package. Here are my favorite cheesy socks. Pepperoni Pizza Socks, Donut Socks, Burger Socks, Snack and Junk Food Socks, or even some custom photo socks with your own picture (think pet, funny face?).

Chocolate Cake Day January 27: YUM! Here are some delightful things to add to a chocolate cake package for your missionary. Chocolate Cake Mix, Chocolate Frosting, and cake pans. You could also do a package of mug cakes (microwaveable) with a cute mug.

Puzzle Day January 29: Puzzles are a missionary approved activity, and there are lots of great options you could include like Jesus Give Me Your Hand 1000 piece puzzle, Jesus Walking on Water 300 piece puzzle, Noah’s ark 1000 piece puzzle, Temples of the World 1000 piece puzzle.

Missionary Package Ideas for February

Carrot Cake Day February 3: It’s nutritious (veggies!) it’s delicious (cake! frosting!) and it makes a unique missionary package! Some things to put inside: Carrot Cake Mix, Cream Cheese Frosting, cake pans, Carrot Cake Oreos (!), Carrot Cake flavored Almond Butter, or there are even pre-baked carrot cakes you can purchase!

Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day February 4: While I don’t advise sending actual ice cream in a package, you can send some other fun products for this silly national holiday. Freeze Dried Ice Cream (there are several flavors!), an ice cream ball (So they can make their own with cream, ice and sugar) or less expensive DIY slushie cups. You could also send some fun ice cream bowls and spoons and a gift card to a local grocery store!

Valentine’s Day February 14: On this day of love, here are some sweet ideas to send your Elder or Sister! This “What I love about you” book is sweet and simple to fill out, a heart garland for decoration, Valentine’s Window Cling Decorations, heart shaped sticky notes. For sisters, this delicate gold heart necklace is gorgeous! I would also send along some favorite candy!

Random Acts of Kindness Day February 17: This holiday is one of my favorites (and fits quite well with missionary life!). Here are some clever RAOK ideas to send to your missionary to brighten their day. Smiley Face Stickers to hand out, DIY RAOK Scratch off stickers, RAOK Idea Sticks (these are for school students, but they would work OR you could make your own!). I love these Kindness buttons that your missionary could hand out, and a cute Be Kind t-shirt to wear on P-Day!

Tortilla Chip Day February 24: Crunchy and Salty and made for salsa…make a fun little package dedicated to this tasty snack. You could do this simple purchase that has 24 individual sized tortilla chips and salsas! This is a huge package of individual sized tortilla chips, or an individual big bag of tortilla chips. This Salsa sampler would be a fun addition as well! These nacho socks are funny!

Missionary Package Ideas for March

Pi Day March 14: I just love that there is a holiday dedicated to the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. And that we celebrate it! Here are som Pi-lightful products to add to a missionary package. You could send an assortment of 6 pre-made hand pies, or hand pie presses and ingredients for your missionary to make their own pie like pie crust mix and cherry pie filling.

Relief Society Birthday March 17: Send your missionary (Elders or sisters!) a package centered around this important and powerful women’s organization. You might include: Faith, Hope and Charity Stories from Relief Society Presidents book, a Relief Society Necklace, a Sisters In Zion T-shirt, Gourmet 2 pack of Happy Birthday Sugar Cookies, or Birthday Cake Popcorn.

St. Patrick’s Day March 17: “We are so lucky to love you!” Our family has always loved celebrating this holiday of shamrocks, leprechaun and gold. You could add a shamrock garland, some gold chocolate coins, leprechaun socks for your Elder, a cute Lucky shirt for p-days. This St. Patrick’s Day Party pack has a bunch of fun things including green mustaches, necklaces, shamrock glasses and St. Patty’s bracelets.

First Day of Spring (Northern Hemisphere) March 20: Celebrate that Spring has Sprung with a package for your missionary that will make them smile. You can include: A paint and flower craft kit that will have your missionary decorating the pot and planting seeds for a mini-garden, or an a flower origami kit, a flower cross stitch kit.

Waffle Day March 25: This popular breakfast treat also makes for an amazing package your missionary will enjoy. Add a Dash mini waffle maker (we have this it is amazing and so tiny!), waffle mix, and fun flavored syrups.

Something on a Stick Day March 28: Another hilarious holiday, this makes a fun package for your missionary. You can send lollipops, corn dog batter mix and some corn dog sticks. You could also send some kebab skewers and kebab spices or a popsicle mold!

Missionary Package Ideas for April

April Fools’ Day April 1: Pranks are never out of style (at least for Elders!). If pranks are something your missionary enjoys, here are some cute products to add to their package. Potato Chips Snake in the can, no rip toilet paper, and gag chewing gum.

Easter April 9 (date varies by year): There are a lot of directions you could go with an Easter package. I would include a short Easter message like this one Because of the Christ by Brad Wilcox, The Essence of Easter by Craig Cardon. An Easter “nativity” would also be lovely! My Elder loves to give things to kids in his mission, and these Easter Sticker scenes would be perfect for handing out. You could also send some What Would Jesus Do (WWJD) bracelets for giving! You could definitely DIY or buy a set of Resurrection Eggs which would be a good activity for your missionary and their companion AND possibly one for them to share with their friends! If your missionary is serving stateside, consider sending some treats in a Giant Golden Egg! You can tape it up and ship it from the post office. Definitely include some treats for your missionary! You could also send a lovely Easter dress or Easter Tie to your missionary.

Sibling Day April 10: It would be so funny to make a whole package of things from your missionary’s siblings…you could print some big pictures and frame them, or send custom photo socks with sibling’s faces on them, a photo frame with a personalized recording (siblings can record a short message or just “I love you)” or photo cubes with their favorite sibling pictures inside!

Grilled Cheese Day April 12: Yummmm! A grilled cheese package would be so much fun to receive! You could include a mini personal sandwich press (so cute!),or reusable toaster bags for grilled cheese sandwiches, garlic salt, a cheese variety box OR a gift card to a local grocery store for cheese and bread and butter!

Scrabble Day April 13: Send a package that gets your missionary thinking of all of the crazy high value words! You can send a travel Scrabble game, Bananagrams which is similar but ever so much more portable. There is also The World’s Smallest Scrabble game which is funny but may be so hard to play! There is also a Scrabble Card Game you could send. This is not Scrabble but is a spinning word game that comes in a pouch.

Jelly Bean Day April 22: There are so many fun jelly bean options for a missionary package! Your missionary would love this Krispy Kreme Jelly Belly Sampler, a fun Jelly Bean BeanBoozled Game with a spinner, a 20 flavor Jelly Belly jelly bean sampler, some Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavor jelly beans, this ultimate Jelly Bean Bundle has fun jelly beans for many flavors of candy including Jolly Rancher, Nerds, Sweethearts, Sour Patch and Skittles. If you want a non-food option, you could add a jelly beans tie, or jelly beans socks.

Pretzel Day April 28: Get ready for a fun pretzel package! Dot’s Pretzel’s are our family’s favorites…this two pack of traditional and cinnamon sugar Dot’s Pretzel’s will be a hit! Or you could go with a 6 pack of Pop Daddy gourmet pretzels in all different flavors. This gift set of chocolate covered pretzels looks yummy and Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels are so delicious! To mix it up a bit, you could add some Pretzel M&Ms. This pretzel making kit for kids would be super fun to send to your missionary! Or a pretzel mix which is less expensive and might be perfect for missionaries to make.

Missionary Package Ideas for the month of May

May Day May 1: May Day is traditionally celebrated with leaving a cone of flowers on someone’s door. It would be so fun to send flowers to your missionary. You could send fresh flowers, origami flowers kit, lavender flower sachets, some Mrs. Meyer air freshener spray in flower scents, or a flower necklace.

Star Wars Day May the Fourth: This is such a funny holiday to me, “May the Fourth be with you!” There are lots of product options for Star Wars day, including May the Fourth Be With You T-shirt. Some useful Star Wars items include: Star Wars Light Saber Pen Set, Star Wars Light Saber Chopsticks, or this fun Star Wars Pentagon Sticky Note Ball. Some for fun Star Wars items to include are: Star Wars Stress Ball Set of 3, Star Wars Paper Airplane Book, or a Star Wars Mini Lego Set. Wearable Star Wars Merch you could include in a package are Vintage Star Wars T-shirt, or Star Wars Dress Socks,

Clean up your Room Day: May 10 I am definitely going to start celebrating this day at our house from now on! If you are worried a bit about your missionary’s…ahem…cleanliness this is a non-confrontational way to send them cleaning supplies! 🙂 I would include: Mrs. Meyer’s all purpose cleaner, microfiber cleaning cloths, Laundry sheets (these have laundry soap in them, my missionary loves them!), linen and room spray, and a Swiffer Heavy Duty Duster.

Chocolate Chip Day May 15: The world’s favorite cookie…make it into a package! You could send already made Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies a 10 pack of Famous Amos Cookies, or Quest High Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies, OR the supplies for chocolate chip cookies including chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, a cookie dough scoop and a mini cookie sheet. You could also send chocolate chip cookie mix with some pizookie pans (you make the cookies and add ice cream, yum!), this kit has a chocolate chip cookie mix and one pan. You could also go a cookie dough direction and send Ben & Jerry Cookie Dough Bites, or chocolate chip cookie dough spread.

If your missionary lives in an area with Crumbl cookies you could also have cookies delivered to their address!

Pizza Party Day May 19: Ehhhhhh It’s a Pizza Party in a box!! Some options include: Chef Boyardee Pizza in a box (has crust mix and sauce), or this fancier pizza kit “from Italy” (includes crust mix, sauce and mushrooms). You could send some Pepperoni sticks (good for a snack too!). A pizza cutter wheel (handy for cutting all sorts of things!) . You could also send a gift card for a local pizza place! Some non-food pizza gifts include these hilarious pizza socks, or silly pizza bandages,

Hamburger Day May 28: Send everything but the hamburger for this delicious day celebrating burgers! Include hamburger buns, hamburger condiments, and flavor bomb burger seasoning. Some non-food hamburger package options include hamburger earrings, a hamburger tie, or a hamburger stress squeeze toy. If your missionary loves In-N-Out you could send them a p-day t-shirt!

June Missionary Package Ideas

Donut Day June 2: My kids would celebrate every day as donut day if I let them, so I’m sure a donut package would be well received by missionaries to celebrate donut day! Have you tried a Mochi donut? You can send a Mochi Donut making Kit, donut plate, cups and napkins (along with a Krispy Kreme Donuts Gift card!) . This donut lip balm set would be adorable for Sister Missionaries! Donut Slow Rising Squishy toy is perfect for those stressful missionary days. I’m not sure if I could handle the sweetness of a donut candle, but this apple cider donut candle seems a little more palatable to me! This donut coloring pillowcase looks like a fun craft project! You could also send a 100 piece donut puzzle.

Hug your Cat Day June 4: Obviously, if you have a cat at home this would be super fun to send your missionary. It would also be a funny RANDOM package to send! HAHA! You could send custom socks with your cat’s face on them, a custom cat shaped pillow with your pet on it. You could also send a photo in a frame with a recording of your cat meowing. We bought my daughter this cat stuffed animal and it is cute and long and perfect for hug your cat day.

International Picnic Day June 18: It would be super fun to send a picnic in a box to your missionary! I would send a collapsible insulted picnic basket and some picnic plates and napkins. This shelf stable chicken salad kit would be perfect (includes chicken, crackers, fruit and a cookie!) or you could send a meat and cheese set. You could also send some lemonade packets!

First Day of Summer June 21: Celebrate the beginning of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere with some fun summer items like a giant beach ball, popsicle molds, a sunscreen stick, and some cheap sunglasses. You could also add anything from the Ice Cream package above!

Chocolate Pudding Day June 26: Send a missionary package of creamy, smooth, chocolate-y pudding! You could include pre-made chocolate pudding snack packs, or pudding mix.

July Missionary Package Ideas

International Joke Day July 1: Jokes can add levity and be a great ice breaker, so send your missionary a package that will make him or her laugh. You can send a Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids, 500 super silly jokes for kids, National Geographic 300 Jokes, Tongue Twisters and Riddles, 150 Joke Cards for Kids, and a big laugh sound button.

Independence Day July 4: Celebrate America’s independence with a missionary fourth of July package! There are lots of July 4th options you could include: a 12 pack of mini flags, red, white and blue operated string lights, 4th of July Party Decorations set (including tablecloth, balloons, tassels and cupcake toppers), USA Silicone Bracelet set, Confetti Streamer Poppers, Patriotic Star Necklaces and Red white and blue Glow Stick bracelets. You could also send an American Flag Pin, American Flag Scarf or American Flag socks.

Sugar Cookie Day July 9: Who knew this day was in the middle of the summer (they are my Christmas cookie!). Here are some yummarific sugar cookie day package items. Sugar Cookie Mix, Sugar Cookie Sprinkles, a cookie icing and sprinkle set, a necktie cookie cutter, CTR cookie cutter or SLC Temple cookie cutter. You could also send a sugar cookie candle or sugar cookie whipped body butter.

Gummy Worm Day July 15: The early missionary gets the gummy worm? Here are some gummy worm package ideas! Of course there is the classic Trolli Sour Gummy Worms, sweet gummy worms, a DIY Make your own Gummy Worm kit, or if you want to send a huge laugh, the world’s largest gummy worm at 3 pounds!!!

Junk Food Day July 21: Did you know Amazon can send pre-made snack boxes? These are a perfect purchase and send missionary package! Choose from a 40 package snack box, a 50 count “Salty and Sweet” snack box, or the big daddy 150 package snack box!

Pioneer Day July 24: Your missionary will probably be able to sympathize with the pioneers who walked and walked and walked and waallllked. This could be a fun package even if you didn’t normally celebrate pioneers! You could include: I walked To Zion book: stories from young pioneers, a pioneer bonnet or two might be funny for sisters! You could also include salt water taffy, a wood whittling kit and a harmonica.

Uncommon Instrument Day July 31: My son has loved learning the ukulele on his mission in spare time. You could send one or more uncommon instruments to your missionary! Wooden Spoons percussion instrument, A Jews harp or mouth harp, a mini kazoo, a steel drum, or a mini kalimba!

Missionary Package Ideas for August

Watermelon Day August 3: A watermelon would be impossible to send, but you could package up some fun “extras” for watermelon day! A watermelon cutter/fork, watermelon gummies, watermelon water flavoring, watermelon jello, or watermelon gumballs! Some non-food “watermelon” products you could send in a missionary package are watermelon lip balm, a three pack of watermelon face masks, a watermelon candle, or a watermelon tie.

Sisters Day August 6: If you have a sister missionary this would be so much fun! I would send her and her companion matching EVERYTHING. Best Sister Ever socks, best friend “knot” earrings or cozy slippers, hand, foot, nail, face and 10 feet spa set, and a “Love you sis” make-up case.

Book Lovers Day August 9: If you have a book lover serving a mission, send them a book worm package! I would send magnetic bookmarks, a personalized bookmark, and a few special church books (that are on an approved list with your child’s mission president!).

World Photo Day August 19: My missionary loves the photos of family and friends we sent with him! For World Photo day you could send him some new fun photos in the form of photo cubes, a photo clip light string (attach some pictures!), a 120 piece custom photo puzzle, custom photo socks, or a dainty photo locket.

Dog Appreciation Day August 26: We can’t forget the doggies in our family! If you have a dog or a dog lover, send a package full of dog appreciation products! You could send custom socks with your dog’s face on them, a custom dog shaped pillow with your pet on it. You could also send a photo in a frame with a recording of your dog barking, a funny stuffed animal dog, or a fun dogs calendar.

Missionary Package Ideas for September

Eat an extra dessert day September 4: Pick your missionary’s favorite dessert(s) and send either the supplies to make that dessert OR the pre-made desserts themselves. You might choose to go with brownies and send brownie mix, or mug cakes brownie mixes, and a silicone brownie pan. The pre-made desserts could be brownie brittle, and a gourmet brownie gift box,

Cheese Pizza Day September 5 A cheese pizza missionary package could include Chef Boyardee Pizza in a box (has crust mix and sauce), or this fancier pizza kit “from Italy” (includes crust mix, sauce and mushrooms). A pizza cutter wheel (handy for cutting all sorts of things!) . You could also send a gift card for a local pizza place! Some non-food pizza gifts include these hilarious pizza socks, or silly pizza bandages,

Teddy Bear Day September 9: This teddy bear is adorable! You could also send teddy bear slippers, and some teddy grahams crackers.

Positive Thinking Day September 13: Send a package with some positive energy! You could send some positive affirmation cards (these are really funny!), a daily positive quote button (magnetic so you can stick it on the fridge! 31 positive thinking quotes in a jar (you could DIY this as well!), a positive thinking 5 minute affirmation journal, and a Positive Vibes Coloring Book with some markers.

1st Day of Fall (Northern Hemisphere) September 23: It’s fall y’all! Send a fall themed package to your missionary. It would be fun to include a fall banner garland, a fall scented candle, pumpkin spice muffin mix, Mrs. Meyer’s Apple Cider Hand Soap, and a fall sweater for Elders (my son has this one and it is great!) or a fall cardigan sweater for Sisters.

Missionary Package Ideas for October

Balloons Around the World Day October 1: Have some fun with balloons in a missionary package! For this silly holiday, I would include some balloon animal making kit, balloon helicopters, punch balloons and some water balloons with a pump.

Taco Day October 4: Your missionary will love a taco themed package! You could add taco seasoning, crunchy taco shells, taco holder, and a salsa sampler pack . Some non-food taco lover items you could put in the package are a “Fit’ness Taco in my mouth” t-shirt for pdays, a taco tie, and a taco notepad.

Chocolate Cupcake Day October 18: Hooray for chocolate cupcakes! You could send a cupcake pan, cupcake liners, Chocolate Cake Mix, Chocolate Frosting. You could also do a package of mug cakes (microwaveable) with a cute mug. Non-food options include a cupcake Pop-it keychain, cupcake lip balm, cupcake “butter” slime, a cupcake beanie and cupcake sticky notes.

Candy Corn Day October 30: I will admit I am a candy corn hater, but I seem to be in the minority! If you want something a little less Halloweenish this time of year, a candy corn day package will fit the bill! You could include candy corn (of course), some Funfetti candy corn, candy corn taffy, a candy corn tie for your Elder, candy corn nail polish for your Sister, candy corn earrings, and a pack of 12 slow rising candy corn squish toys.

Halloween October 31: You should send this package at the end of September so your missionary can enjoy the Halloween fun all October long! I would include a Halloween felt ball garland, for decoration. Some fun Halloween activities for your missionary might be a glow-in-the-dark rock painting kit, or a fall pumpkin painting kit (includes the pumpkins!). You could send some fun supplies for carving pumpkins like this pumpkin carving kit that has knives, templates and even tea lights. You could also send a Halloween game like this special Halloween version of Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese Pizza card game. Halloween flashlights are fun, and these disguise glasses would be hilarious for your missionary to wear as a “costume.” I would also send a trick or treat bag or bucket filled with candy for your missionary and their companion!

Missionary Package Ideas for November

Dia De Los Muertos “Day of the Dead” November 1: I was lucky enough to celebrate this holiday in Mexico many years ago. It is such a beautiful day! They celebrate and honor their ancestors with photos, decorations and offrendas (tables that honor their ancestors). For a Dia De Los Meuertos package, I would include a felt Dia De Los Muertos banner, a framed photo of ancestors that your missionary knows and loves, OR a framed photo with an ancestor and a letter teaching your missionary more about the ancestor. Colorful Sugar Skulls are also a part of this celebration and this coloring book would be fun! You could send these Dia De Los Muertos plates along with a recipe for Pan de Muerto. They will need a few unusual ingredients for that recipe including ground star anise and orange blossom water. If you have a sister missionary you could also send a gorgeous flower headband.

Sandwich Day November 3: This package could be as simple as a gift card to a sandwich restaurant like Jimmy Johns or Subway, or a little more involved! You could include a mini personal sandwich maker, a sandwich sealer and decruster (for the best PB&Js!) and some reusable sandwich bags! Or you could send some ingredients with some yummy cheeses and fancy mustard sampler. (Also use ideas from the Grilled Cheese day above!).

Tongue Twister Day November 8: This would make a fun little package! You could send A Tongue Twister Card Game or a Tongue Twister Book, some atomic fireballs (Hot jawbreakers!) or fruit roll ups with tongue tattoos!

Origami Day November 11: Origami is a fun hobby (and something a missionary can do!). Here are some origami options for a fun missionary package. An origami kit has paper and instruction book for beginners. Or you could send separate origami paper and an origami book.

World Kindness Day November 13: Help your missionary spread some extra kindness on this special holiday! Smiley Face Stickers to hand out, DIY Kindness Scratch off stickers, Kindness Idea Sticks (these are for school students, but they would work OR you could make your own!). I love these Kindness buttons that your missionary could hand out, and a cute Be Kind t-shirt to wear on P-Day!

Fast Food Day November 16: This one is simple…grab some fast food gift cards for restaurants that your missionary lives near and send them. They will appreciate “bonus” food spending.

Thanksgiving November 23: “We are thankful for YOU!” Send this package at the end of October for your missionary to enjoy all of November. You could send paper cutout leaves for your missionary and their companion to write something they are thankful for each day and hang on the wall. Alternatively, you could send a gratitude journal or gratitude jar for them to write things that they are thankful for. Other decorations for Thanksgiving are a Be Thankful garland, or a mini turkey string lights, On a lighter note, this cooked turkey hat or this animal turkey hat would be fun for your missionary to wear! Food wise, you could send some non-perishable items for turkey dinner like turkey gravy packets, stuffing mix, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie mix.

Package Ideas for December

Eat a Red Apple Day December 1: An apple a day keeps the doctor away! And an Eat a red apple package will bring a smile to your missionary’s face. You could send a gift card to a grocery store to buy apples, a red apple candle, some yummy apple chips, apple lotion or apple chapstick.

Gingerbread House Day December 12: Gingerbread houses would be a fun missionary activity! You can send a gingerbread baking house kit (with ingredients to bake their own!) OR a gingerbread house kit with the gingerbread already made. You could also send some gingerbread “extras” like gingerbread hand soap, a gingerbread candle, gingerbread lotion, or “ninja”bread men to decorate!

Ugly Sweater Day December 19: This is such a funny and random holiday. It’s popularity means that there are a LOT of options available to purchase now! I would definitely buy an extra for your missionary’s companion so they can sport their ugly sweaters together. Here are some Ugly Sweater Options for Elders and some Ugly Sweater Options for Sisters.

1st Day of Winter (Northern Hemisphere) December 21: You can celebrate the beginning of winter with fake snowballs for an indoor snowball fight, some Insta Snow Powder, and cotton candy snow balls. You could also send a warm and cozy winter candle, a winter hat, gloves and scarf set for Sisters, or a winter hat, gloves and scarf set for Elders.

Christmas Eve December 24: I wrote an entire post with 61 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Missionaries that will work for Christmas Even or Christmas Day package for missionaries!

Missionary Package Ideas Key Takeaways

Phew! That is a LOT of ideas! I want to stress that you don’t NEED to send tons of packages to your missionary…but if you have the money and want to send packages I hope these ideas are helpful to you and fun for your missionary to receive.

I would love to see any of these packages that you end up sending out! You can follow me on instagram and tag me and/or send me an email with your package picture!

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