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How to make a photo banner for your missionary!

Looking for a creative and personalized gift for a birthday or holiday package? Learn how to make a custom photo banner for your missionary!

Missionaries LOVE pictures from home, and a pennant banner with photos of people they love is a great way to give them more pictures to hang! I made this banner for my son’s first birthday in the field, but you could do the same for most any holiday or just because!

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How to make a DIY Photo Banner

  1. Decide what you want your banner to say: Happy Birthday Elder/Sister! Merry Christmas Elder/Sister! Happy Easter Elder/Sister! You’re doing great! etc.
  2. Write a list of the letters you will need and assign one letter to each person you would like to participate. (Make sure not to lose this so you can follow up!)
  3. Send out a text or email explaining what you need and giving a deadline! (Dear ___, I am working on a photo banner for my missionary’s _______ package. Would it be possible for you/your family to take a picture holding up the letter __ for the banner? If you could send the photo to me by [date] so I can get it printed and shipped that would be so helpful. Thank you!)
  4. Cut out or purchase pennant flags for your banner: You could use colorful punch out 3″ pennant flags like these, brown Kraft paper pennant flags OR buy cardstock paper in colors you like and hand cut or use a Cricut Machine to create the pennant flags. Make sure and purchase/cut out the right number of flags (with a few to spare!). I used my Cricut!
  5. Print Photos: Depending on the size of pennant flags you made/ordered, print out the appropriately sized photographs of your missionaries friends/family holding up their assigned letter.
  6. Glue Photos to Flags and add String (if needed): Now you are ready to assemble your DIY Photo banner! Using double sided tape, glue or glue dots, add the photos to the pennant flags and attach them to the string in the correct order. You may want to do two or more separate strings to spell out your message! I also tied some colorful ribbon in between letters/words to fancy it up.
  7. Include something to hang the banner with: Missionaries probably won’t have something handy to hang up their photo banner! I love to send some 3M Small Removable hooks with a photo banner so it is easy for my missionary to hang up and appreciate!

I hope this short tutorial helps you make a fun and customized banner for your missionary’s next package! They will LOVE seeing the faces of their friends and family wishing them well.

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