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8 Ways to Share General Conference with your Missionary

Twice a year, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gather to hear our Prophet, Apostles and other beloved church leaders speak at General Conference.

All across the world, our missionaries will have the opportunity to listen to conference as well. They might be listening in a small chapel, a few weeks late, or in a different language, but knowing that your missionary is listening to the same words possibly at the same time makes General Conference even sweeter.

How do we make the most of this potential General Conference bonding with our missionary? I came up with 8 sweet and simple ways that you can share general conference with your missionary. Read on for some ideas.

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President Russell M. Nelson stands at a pulpit smiling at general conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Photo Credit The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  1. Send ingredients or a recipe for a general conference treat that your missionary enjoys: Does your family have a special treat you enjoy every General Conference? If you plan ahead (and your missionary isn’t too far away), you can send everything your missionary needs to make that special treat. If that isn’t possible, you can also just make sure your missionary has the recipe on hand so he or she can make it themselves!
  2. Send a General Conference Package: You can also send a special package that has some tools your missionary can use to get the most out of conference. I would include a General Conference Notebook from Work+Wonder. They have many options that would work for Elders or Sisters. A General Conference workbook with prompts for the “Deep diver,” a graphic option for missionaries who love to draw or a new evergreen General Conference journal. Use code “MissionarySquare” to get 10% off their already amazing prices. There is also an option to purchase a digital version, so if you are late (and your missionary has access to a printer) you can email a GC journal to them! If you are able to grab an extra journal for your missionary’s companion that is always a lovely touch! I would also send some gel pens and a variety of snacks in your missionary’s General Conference Package.
  3. Pray For Your Missionary: In the weeks proceeding conference, add your prayers to those of your missionary that he or she will receive extra insight or promptings they need from conference and/or that their investigator friends will feel the Spirit while they watch.
  4. Conference Review: Before General Conference, choose your past General Conference favorites and share parts or links with your missionary. Make sure and add why the talks are special to you.
  5. Quotable: While you watch conference, write down quotes that stand out to you and share them in your next missionary email or pday call.
  6. Favorite Talk: Along the same lines as #4 and #5, note your favorite talks and send them to your missionary along with why you loved it in particular.
  7. Extended Family Conference Bomb: Prior to conference, ask your family and extended family to email a quote or talk that they love from conference to your missionary. Not only will it make your missionary feel loved, it will also give him or her the opportunity to hear their family’s testimonies and how they connected with General Conference.
  8. P-Day Review: Ask your missionary ahead of time to write down and share their favorite General Conference moments with you on the following P-Day.

Even though you are far away from your child, there are ways to keep your connection strong and continue growing your relationship. General Conference is an exceptional way to connect in a spiritual and meaningful way with your missionary. I hope these ideas help you with your Elder or Sister.

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